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Mickie Clements received the reserve champion award for

her Christmas Tree Quilt she made for her daughter Angela

that was entered at the Cass County Fair. She also received

a first place and best in class award for the Christmas quilt

she made for Aaron and Alicia Clements, and a.first place

ribbon for a Double Wedding Ring quilt she made for her

niece Nicole Oldfield.


If my body were a car, this is teh time I would be thinking about trading it in

for a newer model.  I've got bumps and dents and scratches in my finish, and

my paint job is getting a little dull.  But that's not the worst of it.  My headlights

are out of focus, and it's especially hard to see things up close.

My traction is not as graceful as it once was.  I slip and slide and skid and

bum into things even in the best of weather.  My whitewalls are stained with

varicose veins.  It takes me hours to reach my maxium speed.  My fuel rate

burns inefficiently.  But here's the worst of it -- Almost every time I sneeze,

cough, or laugh, either my radiator leaks or my exhaust backfires!

CACH FOR CLUNKERS...I qualify..How about you?




Apron Program & Dinner

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Christian Church

Everyone's invited! It will be a salad dinner.

Bring an apron that you like or have an

interesting story to tell about it. The special

guest speaker will be Carolyn Golden.


Lofte Music Director Featured in National Magazine

Betty Colbert of Weeping Water has been active with the

Lofte Community Theatre for nearly thirty years. She's painted set,

sewn costumes and sold tickets. However, perhaps her most

valued contribution has been the dual role of Music and Vocal

Director for the summer musicals. It was Mrs. Colbert's dedicated

service to such a unique rural arts organization that caught the

attention of the editors at "Country Woman Magazine."

"Country Woman" is a bi-monthly publication distributed

throughout the United States and Canada. Its focus is rural

life including women, families and their hobbies. Last October

editors at the magazine contacted the Lofte and asked for more

information about the theater, and requested an interview with

Mrs. Colbert. The two-page pictorial and story about Mrs.

Colbert and the Lofte can be found in the current August/September

2009 edition of "Country Woman."

In addition to her extensive hours spent helping at the Lofte,

Mrs. Colbert is also the K-12 music instructor at Elmwood-Murdock

public schools.


Betty Colbert


The Flying Wheels Will Be CLOSED over Labor Day Weekend! 

We will
Open the Following Weekend with Some New Hours

and Some Old Hours.

Saturday AM - 11:00 - 2:00

Saturday PM - 6:30 - 10:30

Sunday PM - 4:00 - 8:00

And there will be other special events coming soon!  Call for info

about birthday parties!





School's Back in Session!  It was a fast 4 month break!


Joe's first day of 7th grade.


Millie's first day as a Junior.  You have to be quick to catch her!




Go Watch Mary Lenz Race

Sunday Night at Eagle!

Mary took first place at Beatrice a couple weeks ago. 

She's smokin' hot!

The first 8,500 people at Eagle will get a free whoopi cushion! 

They are trying to set the world record for the largest...flatulation.  :)


Elmwood-Murdock's first football game was a winner against

the Palmyra Panthers!  Go Knights!



The team warms up.


Parent night


Jacob and Griffin are eager to serve at the

new concessions stand.



New Concessions stand takes the snack bar out of the

bus barn.



It was also cheer camp night.  The little girls practiced

with the high school cheerleaders and performed

during half time.



Breann Ross and Rebecca Fortney


Sammie Olson, Brook Speiring, and Rachel Fortney





Cheerleading makes you crazy!


Rebecca says the best part of being a

cheerleader is the cool skirt.


Watch this, she says!


Look who came to the game!  Marti!!  Along with

her sisters and friends.


Balloons were sold to raise money to buy uniforms

for the younger football team.


No more early outs from the heat.  Check out the

air conditioners!


The Easter Bunny Stops by in August!



We found the eggs, still stuffed with candy, and

thought it was a great day for an Easter egg hunt!





You decide.  Have We Learned Anything?




I was told by two kids who were passengers in this car that they

were driving around Elmwood in the wee hours of the morning last

Saturday when they decided to go "drifting." Apparently that is

when you slam on the emergency brake and slide around a corner.

Things didn't go as planned and they slammed into a curb, took

out the stop sign, and slid through a yard. The car was obviously

damaged.  They thought it was funny.  They were proud.  I was very

angry and saddened by this story.  I've also heard a couple horror stories

about the kids and their driving practices between Elmwood and Murdock. 

It doesn't sound like some of them know what "Yield" means.

wondering if the kids of Elmwood-Murdock have learned anything

in the last year. I'm not
usually privy to the stories of what the kids

do after hours and I don't really want to know!  I like to think that I know 

what my kids are doing.  Do you know what yours are doing?


A Message For the Kids:

Life is precious.

You only get one chance.

Your actions affect many people.

Death is final.

You can't afford to take stupid chances.

We will make memorials to you.

We will cry for you.

We will laugh through our tears about how much fun you were.

We will talk about how sad it is.

We will grieve.

Our lives will go on.

You would be missed.

Elmwood-Murdock loves their kids.

We all care about you.  You are cool kids.

Stop taking stupid chances.

Give yourselves a chance to grow up.

Don't make us go through it again.  We don't want to lose you.


Thanks to my friends who care enough about my kids to

let me know when they are acting stupid.  I never want to

believe it but I have to, they aren't perfect.  They are kids...

they need our guidance.  They need to know they are not

invisible nor invincible.



My intention with this story is not to offend or judge.  I thought

about not saying anything but I couldn't let it go.  If I make one

parent question their child closer and it makes a difference that's

enough.  Check up on them.  Quiz them.  Spy on them.  Trust,

but verify.  Hug your kids, hold them close, never forget how

special they are, and find out what the heck they are doing

when they leave the house!






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