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Location: Location: Location: Location is not only important when selling a house, it is also important when deciding where you want to live. Elmwood is ideally located between Lincoln and Omaha which provides more job opportunities than living in one city or the other.

Depending on where you work in the city your commute time could be less than if you lived in the city. The benefits of living in a small town far outweigh the cost of the commute. Plus the close proximity to the wonderful state parks and attractions, Mahoney State Park, Platte River State Park, Strategic Air and Space Museum, Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park and Wildlife Safari, and much more.

The People: Elmwood has a population of over 600 people which includes not only those in the village but the surrounding farms as well. The townspeople are a mixture of people who have lived here forever with family roots that run deep and new people who are looking for the small town atmosphere. Young couples, singles, and families help to make up the population. The combination of old blood and new blood seem to meld together easily and work together for the good of the community.

The Schools: Elmwood consolidated with Murdock in 1990 to form the Elmwood-Murdock school district. The two communities are only five miles apart and work together as if they were one.

Both communities support the school and activities. The elementary school is located in Elmwood while the junior high/high school is located in Murdock. The elementary school was once voted in the top fifty schools in the nation by Redbook Magazine. And it has only gotten better.

The passing of a bond issue in 2008 by the communities demonstrates the commitment to the schools. The renovations at both the elementary and high schools have elevated the facilities to the same level of excellence as the teaching staff.

The graduation rate of Elmwood-Murdock students is 100%.

For more information about the Elmwood-Murdock schools, you can check out this link... www.emknights.org


The Elmwood-Murdock schools offer a great sports program and routinely sends teams to the State competitions and recently won the State championship in boys basketball. Sports are very important to the community and the pride in the teams is evident in the turnout at the games. Although sports are important grades do take precedence over the games.

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA ) chapter is a very active group that always comes home with state awards and places top in National competitions. The students also score very well on state tests and have impressive ACT scores which is a testament to the education provided.

The student-to-teacher ratios are very good with the class sizes ranging from 22 to 34. The teachers and staff all know not only your child's name but your name and any sibling's name. They will probably know your dog's name as well.

The Elmwood-Murdock Choir was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2009 and another Elmwood-Murdock student, Grace Althouse, was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2016. It took practice, practice, practice but they all made it! The band also has a strong program with the majority of students in each class participating.

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The Infrastructure:

Elmwood infrastructure also provides the cleanest water in the state. There is a city sewer system with a new sewage treatment plant. The streets of Elmwood are concrete and asphalt with city snow removal service that is quick and responsive.

Home heating options available are natural gas and electric. Wood stoves and fireplaces are also popular and there are several people who sell and deliver firewood.

For high-tech services, Elmwood has several internet options available including DSL, cable, and wireless. Cell phone reception has improved over the last few years due to the construction of new towers.

New Construction:  New construction is always encouraged whether it is homes or businesses. Several new homes have been constructed in Elmwood.  Trail Ridge is a new housing development with new homes being built this spring. TIF funding is available for development.  As for new construction, the soil accepts basements which allow increased square footage and lowers total square foot building costs.

The Businesses: Elmwood offers several businesses that are the most successful in the state and some are known nationwide.


Elmwood has potential to support more businesses from factories, entertainment, or sales. The local convenience store not only sells fuel but also has groceries available and movies to rent.  Their kitchen has a variety of food available from pizza and hamburgers to salads and wraps. It is also home to the seasonal Farmers Market.



Elmwood has several auto repair services which can handle most of your automotive needs from oil changes, brake repair, tire repair, and body work. A small engine repair shop can fix your mower for you.

The local thrift store has just about anything you might need which is handy in a pinch.  A wellness center offers local chiropractic services and overall wellness needs.

The local dance academy provides children and adults with quality dance lessons and great performances. 

The local watering hole is a great gathering place for a cold drink, hot food, and a little dancing.  You can also rent it out for your own gatherings.  Need a trailer to haul something? Elmwood hosts the largest distributor in the nation for H&H Trailers. For more business information you can peruse the list at http://www.elmwoodnebraska.com/nl/index.php/business-listing/business-listing

The Government: Elmwood has a town board made up of concerned citizens who do their best to keep Elmwood safe and a great place to live. The Planning and Zoning Commission in Elmwood has a focus on protecting your home investment and safety so your children can walk home from school and ride their bikes around town safely.

The fire and rescue is a volunteer department. The teams are second to none with the dedication to serving the community a main priority for them. The local fire hall is maintained to the highest standards.

Neighborhood Watch: Elmwood is in the process of creating a Neighborhood Watch Program. The crime rate in Elmwood is very low but it is always a good idea for people to be aware of their surroundings and help keep their neighborhoods safe.

Recreation: The Mo-Pac Trail is a bike path that extends from Wabash through Elmwood then Eagle and onto Lincoln. It is a scenic bike path which passes along the edge of Elmwood. Elmwood is actually a trail head for this trail. It meanders among the trees and Weeping Water creek and at times you will see beaver dams.

The Elmwood Park has covered picnic areas, modern playground equipment, lighted court that can be used for tennis, volleyball, and basketball.  The court has a new flooring paid for with a matching grant from the Nebraska Game and Parks.  The park has modern bathroom facilities and is tucked in a quiet safe area with lots of shade.

The Elmwood Public Library has a very active kids program. There are computers available for public use. Reading programs help promote reading with the kids.  The Library Board and Staff often have special events that are well attended.

If you are a horse enthusiast you might like to board your horse at one of the local boarding establishments. Or get your picture taken by one of the many local photographers.

Within a few miles of Elmwood is Grandpa's Woods Golf Course that attracts not only locals but also golfers from the city who are looking for a country course. Grandpa's Woods is set in a country location that boasts beauty and a challenge to golfers. The friendly club house staff often knows the guests by name.

Why Elmwood?: Elmwood is a real American town. It is front porches, neighbors, block parties and baseball. School is important, neighbors help neighbors. Elmwood is a small town close to the city which allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Spend a little time here and you will soon notice the chirping of the crickets, the song of the birds, and a greeting from your neighbor across the yard. It won't take very long before you don't miss the sound of traffic, the sirens, the honking of car horns.


You will soon look forward to coming home to your little slice of heaven, right here in Elmwood, Nebraska.



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