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Municipal Code Book of Elmwood approved 10-17-2018



1) There is an ordinance against soliciting door to door without a permit. If someone comes to your door trying to sell you something and they are not a cute little Girl Scout with cookies you can ask to see their permit and if they don't have one you can refer them to the Village Office. Unfortunately most of this type of activity occurs after the Village Office is closed so these door to door salespeople should just move on to the next town. FYI...Girl Scouts and other local charities do not require a permit.


2) Property owners must keep their lawns mowed, grass over 6 inches is not allowed. If you let it get taller than that you will probably have to bale it when you mow so just keep it mowed up nice. Don't blow the grass clippings into the street because it will cause issues with the sewer and it just looks bad.


3) Dogs must be contained on your own property or kept on a leash.  Cats that are allowed out of the house if they are licensed, have the required vaccinations, and are spayed or neutered. A maximum of a combination of either 4 dogs and/or cats is allowed. Dogs and cats must be licensed with the Village Office by the age of 4 months and before the end of May each year. Farm animals are not allowed to be kept in the village so no cows, pigs, goats, etc... Yes, we know they are cool but you might not think so if you live next door to someone who has pigs.


4) Building permits are required for any structural change, new buildings/homes, or fence. Applications are available at the Village Office or online on our website. Fees may be paid at the Village Office. The Building Permits are reviewed by the Planning Commission prior to the Village Board seeing them so submit at least 14 days before the next Village Board meeting so it will have time for the review and be on the next agenda.


5) Brush may be deposited at the Village Brush Site located at the south end of 2nd Street. The brush site is separated into two areas with one being for limbs and branches and the other for yard/garden waste. We have a service that comes once a year and grinds the brush into chips which are hauled off by the service. It is very important that building debris, concrete, or trash is NOT deposited here. If a chunk of concrete was dumped into the shredder it would make a nasty sound and we might have to buy a new shredder for them.


6) No unregistered, unlicensed, partially dismantled or junk automobiles or motor vehicles, including boats may be parked on residential property. Cars up on blocks are dangerous and unsightly and just a reminder to the home owner of a project that they probably are not ever going to get around to doing. Although, depending on the situation, sometimes the front end of a car half buried in the yard under a tree could be considered a lawn ornament.


7) The Bess Streeter Aldrich Park is located in the middle of Elmwood. The park has a picnic shelter which is available for use by the public or community organizations. The picnic shelter does not have to be reserved but it can be reserved by contacting the Village Office. Event organizers are responsible for clean up after the event.


8) The basketball hoops can be adjusted but please do not do it without the correct tool. This is available at the Village Office. Give us a call during business hours and we can make sure the hoops are adjusted for you. If it is after hours call the Park Commissioner.


9) There is a volleyball/tennis net available for use on the basketball court. It is kept at the village office so if you want to use it you can either check it out or let us know and we will hang it up. We do not leave it up all the time because it limits the use of the basketball court.


8) All parks, public grounds and other recreational areas within the village limits shall open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.


9) If you have a community announcement you would like displayed on the Village sign on the north end of town contact the Elmwood Fire Department.


10) The Elmwood Community Center serves lunches Monday through Friday. Anyone is welcome to come for lunch and conversation. Call ahead so they make enough! The Elmwood Community Center is located on the main drag. It is always available to be rented for events. (402)994-2145


11) Burn Permits may be obtained by contacting a member of the Fire Department. Do not burn without a burn permit! The Fire Department has been known to show up and use an illegal burn as an opportunity to practice putting out fires.


 12) Residents are allowed to keep chickens.  You can have up to five chickens each but no roosters are allowed.  Refer to the ordinances for more details regarding chickens.

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