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October 4,2023 – 7:00pm


Meeting Held at Elmwood Village Office

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, October 4, 2023. Chair Person Renee Holland called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Holland stated that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was posted.       

Roll Call: Becky Kicak, Patric Euse, Heather Scott & Renee Holland

Minutes: Motion by Euse, second by Scott to approve regular meeting minutes for September 6,2023, Hearing minutes from 9/27/2023 and Budget and 1- & 6-year street plan meeting from 9/27/2023. RCV: Yes: Approved 4-0

Claims and payroll: Motion by Scott, second by Kicak to approve claims & payroll for September 1-29,2023 RCV: Yes: Approved 4-0                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Claims Key: Bond Debt(BD)Contract Labor(CL), Electricity (E), Education(ED)Natural Gas (NG), Monthly Allotment (MA), Refuse (R), Fuel (F), Supplies (S) Publication (P), Telephone (T),  Mile Reimbursement (MR), Labs (L), Attorney (A), Cellphone(CP), Postage(PO), Payroll Tax(PT), Capital Improvement(CI), Simple IRA(SI), Dues(D), Payroll (PR) Education (EDU) Workman’s Comp Audit (W) Petty Cash Reimbursement(PR)

Claims: Elmwood Public Library(MA) 2,500  Village of Elmwood(PR) One Call Concepts(CL) Core & Main(S) TACSS(CL)180 Mendards (S) 66.25  Meeske Ace Hardware 130.34 OPPD(E) 3,720.64 Midwest Lab(L) Hawkins(s)  Johnson Service Company(CL) Frontier Coop(F) Legendary Red Rooster(ED)  Michael Todd Industrial Supply(S) Rice Auto Repair(CL) Quill(S) 259.83 Verizon(CP)111.12 BOK Financial(BD) 6302.50 MADS(CL)  Be Seen Signs(S)   Utility Service Co.(CL)  WireBuilt(CL)  Cass County Refuse(R) 75 NE Public Health Lab(CL)  IRS(PT) 3404.18 NE Dept. of Revenue(PT) 579.40 American Funds(SI) 530.46 Intuit QuickBooks(D) 14 Solheim Law Firm(A) Moriah Lenz(TR) 760.02 Windstream(T) 194.06 Black Hills Energy(NG) 154.40 Salary(PR) 10292.65, Northern Lights Display (G) 2,087.92 Tan-Aire (CL)                   

Park Account: Keep Cass County(D) Joshua Hoyer (Musician)Marie Gregorie (Supplies) Oscar Rios Pohirieth Petty Cash Reimbursement (PR) 15.80, Layne Christensen (CL) 1963.70, NE Dept of Environment & Energy (ED) 80 NE Dept of Revenue Sales and Use Tax 1107.34 Postage (PO)219

New Business  

Discussion/Action Oath of Office: Anthony (Tony) Greise

Greise read the Oath of office out loud to the board and attending citizens. Oath of Office was signed by Greise and Subscribed and sworn by Jena Mahin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Discussion/Action Door Bid to fix broken door on the 2013 Village Pickup

Scott motioned to approve a bid from Rice Auto Repair for $425 to fix the door on the 2013 pickup. Euse seconded. RCV: YES 5-0

Discussion/Action Cass County Nebraska Economic Development Funding Agreement

Board discussion- need more information. Will table until we receive information from Josh Charvat

Discussion/Action 2024 Harvest Moon Hustle Date

Linda Brown asked to mark the calendar for Friday, September 13, 2024, for the Harvest Moon Hustle.      

Discussion/Action water restrictions

Current restriction is watering 1 time per week, odd number addresses on Thursday and even number addresses on Tuesday. Village has been on water restrictions since 2022. Readings reviewed with data going back to March 2020. Readings show fluctuations with all the wells with Well #6 showing a large drop in July 2020 due to a water main break which almost drained the tower. Also showed a 12-foot drop in July 2023 which was unexpected. At that time the board decided to restrict watering to one time per week to alleviate the RO system and protect the functionality of the water treatment plant. Data shows our wells have maintained levels.  Southeast Nebraska remains under the “severe drought” category on the National Integrated Drought Information System. This leads the board to be proactive for the rest of the year.

Scott motioned to change the restrictions to two days per week. Odd numbers on Monday/Thursday, even numbers on Tuesday/Friday. This will come with expanded information regarding the restrictions and visual aids to help the community understand why the village has put these restrictions in place. Euse seconded. RCV: YES 5-0

Unfinished Business                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Discussion/Action New tire Bids for the 2013 Village Pickup                                                                                                                                   

Bids received with warranty information from Rice Auto repair and Keckler Auto.

Scott motioned to approve Rice Auto repair quote not to exceed $1165.40 for new tires on the 2013 Village Pickup. Greise seconded. RCV: YES: 5-0

Reports/Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Library: Becky made a motion to approve September 5,2023 claims & payroll, second by Euse. RCV: YES: Approved 5-0

Park: Market to Market is on Sunday, October 8th.

Streets: they are working on filling in cracks and potholes around the village.

Water: Well Drawdowns are still staying consistent with no big fluctuations for the month of September. Kevin reported that the water tower is being painted this week.

Planning/Zoning: Next meeting October 23,2023 @ 7pm

Public Comment:

Ed Blunt - 104 Railroad Ave.

Buy local. Try to keep our money in Elmwood. The businesses here pay taxes. Try to keep our money in town.

Pat Spellman – 312 W F Street

Can we water our lawn? What is going on? If we plant grass seed, will we be able to water without worrying about getting into trouble? Why is the board not doing anything when someone is caught watering?


Scott motioned to go into executive session at 8:07 pm. Kicak seconded.

Executive session ended at 8:26 pm.

Future Agenda:

Roof Leak Bid                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Brush Site mulching bids

Section 106 Notification

Public Water System Security Grant  


 Adjournment: 8:26pm

10-4-23 Official Minutes

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