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November 1,2023 – 7:00pm


Meeting Held at Elmwood Village Office

The Village Board of Trustees met in regular session on Wednesday, November 1, 2023. Chair Person Renee Holland called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Holland stated that a current copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Act was posted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Roll Call: Becky Kicak, Patric Euse, Tony Greise, Heather Scott & Renee Holland

Minutes: Motion by Scott, second by Euse to approve regular meeting minutes for October 4,2023. RCV: Yes: Approved 5-0

Claims and payroll: Motion by Kicak, second by Euse to approve claims & payroll for October 9-30, and 31st ,2023 RCV: Yes: Approved 5-0                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Claims Key: Bond Debt(BD)Contract Labor(CL), Electricity (E), Education(ED)Natural Gas (NG), Monthly Allotment (MA), Refuse (R), Fuel (F), Supplies (S) Publication (P), Telephone (T),  Mile Reimbursement (MR), Labs (L), Attorney (A), Cellphone(CP), Postage(PO), Payroll Tax(PT), Capital Improvement(CI), Simple IRA(SI), Dues(D), Payroll (PR) Education (EDU) Workman’s Comp Audit (W) Petty Cash Reimbursement(PR)

Claims: Elmwood C Store: 25.20(PO), NE Dept of Rev: 1048.56 (Sales & Use Tax), US Post office: 132 (PO) Village of Elmwood: 22.69(PR), American funds: 110.40(SI), Cass County refuse: 75(R), NMCA: 50(D), WireBuilt: 29(D), AMGL: 4,100 (audit), Verizon: 111.24(CP), Solheim: 755.01(A), Frontier: 410.76(F), Core & Main: 1893.14 (S), NE Labs: 53 (D), Alicia Greise: 56.55(MR), Meeske: 80.57(S), Rice Auto Repair: 1622 (Truck repair/tires), Menards: 14.67(S), The Voice News: 325.81 (P), One Call Concepts: 25.10, PowerManager: 2596.77(D), Quill:28.98 (S), Windstream:200.38 (T), OPPD: 3339.57(E ), Midwest Labs: 161.20 (D), Alicia Greise: 2175.85(PR), Ed Blunt: 2761.63(PR), Jacob Blunt: 141.67(PR), Kevin Huxhold: 3419.33(PR), Moriah Lenz: 601.38(PR), IRS:2891.14 (PT), NE Dept of Rev: 430.82(PT), Intuit: 24.50 (D), Heather Scott: 230.88(PR), Jared Blunt: 92.35(PR), Renee Holland: 230.88(PR), Patric Euse: 230.88(PR), Becky Kicak: 230.87 (PR), Black Hills: 155 (NG), Christensen Tree Service: 2420 (CL), TACSS: 180(D), Derek Stubbendeck: 13.98, Bill Connour: 47.88, Vince Anderson: 18, Serena Romero: 18.60, Carol Greenlee: 18.21, David Bouzek: 11.67, Jim Walton: 6.98, Terry Carlton: 12.60, Jennifer Justus: 5.99, Joni Langfeldt: 6.98, Kim Rust: 15.92, Tim Franco: 40.60, Samantha Jennings: 19.40, Tara Guy: 24, Theresa Brown: 6.70, Genine Hovick: 18.41, Keith Bacon: 10.99, Marsha McBride: 5.36, Paul Bykerk: 29.05, Nikki Bruns: 23.96, Lowell Bell: 27.68, Madison Zoz: 5.99 (S) water reimbursement

Claims: Municipal supply: 167.72 (S), NE DEE: 28.75(D), Vern Westover: 264.91 (RS), Nebraska Code Consulting & Inspections: 2984.30 (CI), Tan-Aire: 1400 (CL)

New Business  

Discussion/Action Brush pile bids:

Board reviewed bids from (3) contractors to haul away/mulch the brush pile near the coop. The village received bids from Topple Tree Service, Tripoint Tree & Landscaping and Christensen Tree Service. Kicak motioned to approve the bid from Topple Tree service to haul away all debris from the brush pile to not exceed $27,000, second by Scott. RCV: Yes: Approved 5-0

Discussion/Action PowerManager service increase

Information only. Clerk will investigate what other towns are using for their billing software. No action taken.

Discussion/Action Cell tower/historical site results

Board discussion- reviewed given information. Awaiting permit application. No action taken.

Discussion/Action KCCB “Reduce, reuse, recycle” signs

Board discussion. More information needed. Postponed for a future date. No action taken

Discussion/Action Emergency alert notifications

Board discussion. Company will train clerk to send the notifications on our end. Rate will increase depending on how many messages are sent. .05 cents/text after 100 text messages. Scott motioned to approve increase and training for village clerk, second by Euse. RCV: YES: Approved 5-0

Discussion/Action Hamik Innovations – payroll

Board discussion- fees. The clerk will investigate other payroll options. Information only. No action taken.

Discussion/Action Reinke nuisance properties

Board discussion. Read inspection reports for each property. Kicak motioned to declare 321 D Street, 208 D Street, 204 D Street and 117 6th Street as nuisance properties and order abatement, second by Scott. RCV: Yes: Approved 5-0   

1. 321 D Street- Holland read the Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees Declaration of Nuisance and Order to Abate. Signed by Holland.

2. 208 D Street – Kicak read the Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees Declaration of Nuisance and Order to Abate. Signed by Holland.

3. 204 D Street – Euse read the Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees Declaration of Nuisance and Order to Abate. Signed by Holland.

4. 117 6th Street – Scott read the Village of Elmwood Board of Trustees Declaration of Nuisance and Order to Abate. Signed by Holland.

Unfinished Business  

Previous village office roof bids

KCCB- sign information and posting location

Cell tower application

Reports/Boards, Commissions, and Committees


Park:  heaters will remain on the bathrooms until after the Holiday Extravaganza

Streets: crack and pothole filling almost complete.

Water: Nitrate levels back to normal after testing high earlier in the month. Tower maintenance will be here to replace lights that are out on the water tower

Sewer: partial blockage in new development. Johnson will come in and fix

Planning/Zoning: Next meeting October 23,2023 @ 7pm

Adjournment: 8:02pm


11-1-2023 Official minutes

Omaha Estate Planning Charles E. Dorwart legal

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