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Short Story Submission- Why I Love the Letter G (Part 3)

April Soup Sandwich


Easter Egg Hunt FBLA

 Egg My Yard for Easter

What a fun Easter tradition. The Elmwood Murdock Knights Cheer team will "Egg" you yard with candy-filled plastic eggs. You don't have to go out at the insane hour of 5 am to try and hide the fact you are the Easter Bunny. 

Just wake up weary-eyed with your kids and look out at a yard covered with eggs.  EGG MY YARD MethodistChurch Elmwood

ElmwoodNE Community Center

 Elmwood Community Center  

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    RENT the Community Center

Having a Graduation party, baby shower, family reunion or large family dinner?

You can have your party and STILL keep your house clean.

Don't worry about the rain for a graduation party. Have in inside with couches, a full kitchen and plenty of seating.

Only $75.00 for four to 6 hours.

Call 402-994-2145 for more details and to set your date.

Elmwood Community Center rental

Morning Coffee Bar 8:00 am

Coffee, Tea, Milk

(Milk available, please ask the cook)
Free will offering - suggested $1.00

Noon Meals (Eat in or Take-out) $5.00

 Please call by 9:30 am to reserve


Comfort Food buffet

elmwood communitycenter Jan 2019April 2019

Reserving the Shelters at the Bess Streeter Aldrich Park

The Bess Streeter Aldrich Park is a public park but you can reserve the shelters for an event. 

The reservation calendar is located on the Village website. 

There will be a sign posted at the shelter when it is reserved to show who has it reserved. 

If you would like to reserve the picnic shelters call the

Village Office (402)994-6705 or Julie Anderson (402)867-4123.2019 GS FlyerForm 


Elmwood Public Library Receives Grants

The Elmwood Public Library is proud to announce that the organization has been awarded grants from four separate entities totaling just over $3,000. Library Director Anne Pope commented, “The mission statement of the Elmwood Library is to encourage life-long learning for our citizens by providing them the resources and services that they need. These gifts will go a long way in doing that!”

The Elmwood-Murdock Merchants Association (EMMA) gave $250 to the library to purchase a new SmartTV and rolling stand. The device allows library staff (or public speakers) the ability to easily stream web content via the library’s WiFi. The Nebraska Arts Council awarded the library over $400 to assist with the “Party in the Park” this June.

Cass County Tourism granted over $500 to pay for library signage and marketing materials. Finally, the library was very excited to learn they had been awarded $2,000 by the Midlands Community Foundation.

“Midlands is a great organization that has been making gifts to non-profits in Cass and Sarpy counties for years,” stated Anne Pope. “In 2019 they decided to help area libraries cover the costs associated with their Summer Reading Programs. This is a huge boon to us as our budget for this event is usually only $250 per year. I’m so excited about the books and supplies we’ll be able to share with the kids this summer!”

Director Anne Pope says that receiving four grants in one month is pretty rare, and she doesn’t expect it to happen again anytime soon, but she and the library board are grateful and excited about what the gifts mean to the community as a whole.

New at the Elmwood Public Library!

IMG 0359

The “Warriors” series is about clans of wild cats that have lived in the forest for generations.

This series was highly suggested by Lily Pope and is appropriate for ages 12 and up!

  Preschool Story Time 

Thursdays 10:30 am

Ages 3-5 

Library cards are available for non-residents for only $10.00 What does this include? Access to the books, movies, and services at the library, PLUS e-books for your Kindle, or tablet reader. 


Spread the word about the Elmwood Public Library!

Visit the Overdrive website for more information on checking out electronic books and media. 

Library hours

Monday 3- 8pm

Tuesday 2-6pm

Wednesday 2 pm -6 pm

Thursday 10 am - 2 pm

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm 

 05 04 2019 Litter Pick Up Day

Did you know we have a Community Calendar on the website? 

Elmwood Community Calendar

 (click here or on the banner above to find the monthly calendar for the month) 

 Short Story Ralph Parish

Earlier this month received an email from a former Elmwood resident, Ralph Parish. He would love to hear how you liked his short story and if you have any memory of Miss Kunz as a teacher. 

This will be a multi-part story series, so make sure to come back each week.

Miss Kunz taught First Grade through Third Grade for more years than I could then remember. She taught four of the five Parish children.

Read Part 1     Part 2

Why I Love the Letter g - Part 2

Miss Kunz had a level of imputed authority that made her seem to be a county judge or a high priestess. The only time that my mother ever came to school was to hear me read the assignment that I had been unable to read adequately the day before.  If I miss behaved at home the greatest threat that could be made was, “If you do that again I’m going to tell Miss Kunz.” 

On one occasion there was a small wear hole that had developed above the knee in the right leg of my bib overalls. I hated bib overalls. While sitting at home one evening I took a pair of scissors and, staring at the small hole, I snipped a neat right angled hole about an inch on each side. This didn’t please my mother. I was clearly guilty and my punishment was that I had to confess this terrible act to Miss Kunz the next morning.

You know those incidents in your life that standout in your memory as vivid as a clip from a motion picture? My sister, Duffy, marched me into my classroom and witnessed my confession. It is there in my memory, seventy-seven years after the fact. I think that I should make a list of all of those clips. There may be a pattern to which I should pay some attention.

Memories of the years I was in Miss Kunz’s class consist of clips. They aren’t dated and most cannot be placed in chronological order but they are vivid and in color.  The impressions that these events made include how I felt.  Though I don’t recall her saying it, Miss Kunz was a believer in Waste not Want not.

If we had occasion to go to the restroom we had to wash our hands of course but the rule required that we use one and only one paper towel to dry our hands. Okay, our hands were small and we could easily adhere to the rule but even to this day when I take a second piece of paper towel I feel a twinge of guilt and I can see the dispenser on the wall and I am having to reach up to take the towel and a voice in my head is saying, “Only one”.

This next clip could very well be the chronologically first indelible event. There was a small sandbox at the front of the classroom, off to the left, near the windows.  We are standing beside the box and Miss Kunz has a small paper card in hand. On the card, neatly printed in black ink, is a single word, Aint.  One of us is directed to make a trough in the sand.

Another is given the printed card and is directed to place it in the trough. The card is then covered with sand and a tombstone shaped card is placed in the sand and it bears the words, Here Lies Aint.

And just so no one misses the meaning, Miss Kunz tells us in somber tones that we are never to use that word again. It is dead and buried.

   To be continued...

 Elmwood Christian Church Update 

ElmwoodChristianChurch 2017

EMKnights Banner 

FBLA State Leadership Conference

Twenty-nine Elmwood-Murdock FBLA members attended the State Leadership Conference in
Omaha from April 4-6. At the conference, members participated in competitive events, attended educational workshops, and campaigned for state office. Eight members qualified for the National Leadership Conference.

 Zane Rikli campaign booth for State Treasurer

E-M junior, Zane Rikli, campaigned for Nebraska State Treasurer with the theme, “No Zane, No Gain.” As part of the campaign process, Zane gave a 2-minute speech at the opening session; set up and worked at a campaign booth for two days, and answered questions about his goals and qualifications at a formal caucus. Zane ran against three competing candidates for the same office position, and while he did an outstanding job of representing our chapter, he, unfortunately, did not receive the majority vote to secure the office position. It was a great learning experience for him and chapter members were proud of his hard work, enthusiasm, and positive attitude during the campaign process.

*Denotes qualification for the National Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas from June 28 – July 3

Top 8 Award WinnerscrppedSydney Anderson, JuniorAll-State Quality Member Award
American Enterprise Project, 6 th

Noah Arent, Sophomore
Public Service Announcement, 4 th

Lexi Bacon, Freshman
Introduction to Business Communication, Honorable Mention
Spreadsheet Applications, Honorable Mention

*Hayden Ernst, SeniorAll-State Quality Member Award
Accounting II, 4 th
*Business Ethics, 2 nd
Local Chapter Annual Business Report, 6 th

*Molly Feile, Junior
Business Communication, Honorable Mention
Business Law, Honorable Mention
*Client Service, 3 rd
Emerging Business Issues, 6 th
*Organizational Leadership, 3 rd

Bailey Frahm, Freshman
Business Achievement Award, Future Level
Computer Applications, 7 th
Database Design, 7 th
Introduction to Business Presentation, Honorable Mention

Jayden Halferty, Sophomore
Public Service Announcement, 4 th
Chloe Hosier, Junior
Organizational Leadership, Honorable Mention

Morgan Jennings, Senior
Business Communications, 7 th
Emerging Business Issues, 6 th

Lauren Justesen, Junior -All-State Quality Member Award
American Enterprise Project, 6 th

*Sydney Kunz, SeniorAll-State Quality Member Award
*Community Service Project, 2 nd
Electronic Career Portfolio, 4 th
Job Interview, Honorable Mention
Publication Design, 7 th
Who’s Who Award

Nate Lockman, Freshman
Introduction to Business Presentation, Honorable Mention

*Andy Meyer, Senior
Business Calculations, 7 th
*Business Ethics, 2 nd

Valerie Miller, Senior
Emerging Business Issues, 6 th
Local Chapter Annual Business Report, 6 th

*Morgan Mills, SeniorAll-State Quality Member Award
*Community Service Project, 2 nd
Publication Design, 7 th
Who’s Who Award

*Faith Offner, Senior
All-State Quality Member Award
*Community Service Project, 2 nd

*Gus Pope, Sophomore
*Business Ethics, 2 nd
Graphic Design, 7 th
Public Service Announcement, 4 th

Sela Rikli, Freshman
Business Achievement Award, Future Level
Computer Applications, 5 th
Database Design, 5 th
Introduction to Business Presentation, Honorable Mention
Spreadsheet Applications, 5 th

Zane Rikli, Junior
All-State Quality Member Award
Business Achievement Award, Leader Level
Graphic Design, 7 th
Local Chapter Annual Business Report, 6 th

Brianna Scattergood, Senior
All-State Quality Member Award
American Enterprise Project, 6 th
Business Achievement Award, Future Level

Noah Willey, Junior
Graphic Design, 7 th
*Kylee Wilson, Junior
*Community Service Award, America Level (500+ hours)

Other Students in Attendance were:

Ethan Clements, Junior
Tommy Eggert, Senior
Hunter Hansen, Sophomore
Nicole Meyer, Senior
Abraham Vidaurre, Junior
Katelyn Vogler, Junior
Cole Wendt, Junior

Screen Shot 2019 04 05 at 11.19.53 AM



nicole meyer

This week our Student of the Week Winner is Nicole Meyer. She is a senior at Elmwood Murdock High School. Her activities include FBLA, volleyball, track, choir, and band. She is the daughter of Vince and Susan Meyer.

She was nominated for these reasons:
- She is always friendly and polite
- She is consistently setting goals for herself and working hard to achieve them
- She has been given a scholarship to play volleyball at Bellevue University
- She is admired by both students and staff

Nicole, Susan, and Vince are invited to stop by (we are located under the water tower in Louisville), call (402.234.3333) or email (dan@wittephysicaltherapy.com) to get their Witte Physical Therapy t-shirts!

The next Student of the Week winner will be announced on 4/10/19

Athletic Banquet 1


EMSchoolWebsite 2018

There is a wealth of information on the new Elmwood-Murdock website. It is updated on a daily basis by various teachers and department heads.    

Check out the calendar on the Elmwood Website

If the date is TAN (Beige) then there is something to do in town that day!! 

Send me Elmwood-Murdock events you would like me to place on the calendar.

Even photos of the past events, at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com   

 Elmwood #LittleFreePantry

The Little Free Pantry is located between Hufstader Chiropractor, the Elmwood Meat Market, and the Village Hall. 

Elmwood FoodPantry

You may not get out as often, but people are still in need of emergency supplies and cupboards are bare in some Elmwood homes. 

image002 2

2019 Spring Schedule of Events pink


Updates from the Legislature merged

Highway 63 UPDATE

The first phase of the project from I-80 to Church road was completed in 2017. This opened Church road east-west and connected it to I80.

Last year, 2018, was supposed to be culverts, grading and paving from South of Church road to Alvo.
The weather put the culvert work, grading work and utility relocation work behind schedule. By the time we had the subgrade stabilized and embankments constructed it was too cold to pave.

We will go to work on subgrade reconstruction and foundation placement once the frost is out of the ground and we get some drying weather. 
Paving should go fast and we hope to be paved out by July.

I know it is frustrating but grading work is very susceptible to delays with wet weather and last year had a lot of rain.

It is with the hope that we can open in July.
Please encourage anyone interested to call the district office for updates.


Our project manager is Jesse DeLosSantos.
Our Construction Engineer is Curt Mueting.

Tom Goodbarn
District Highway Engineer

 This is looking quite ahead, but if you are thinking of a bike or show car project this year now is the time to start. 

The 2nd Annual Car/Bike Show will be on August 3rd this year on Main Street. 

annual bikecarshow Elmwood 2019

Don't forget to send me your news 

There are things happening. Who is in the news, who is making news? This is what I need for the upcoming year

Alumni News

Holiday Events & photos 

SEND ME THE NEWS and PHOTOS to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com 

Questions? Call 866.394.8336 or email info@nolimitsnebraska.com


We are currently serving hard ice cream in dishes.
we have 8 different flavors to choose from.

Elmwood C Store

ECS banner1

Box Tops Page 1

Submit Your Stories and NEWS

This is a reminder to PLEASE email me upcoming news and events. Or, if you happen to see an event happening, or something fun going on in Elmwood, take a photo and email it to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Welcome to our newest community advertiser Burrows Real Estate.

If you would like to advertise your business on the Elmwood website just CLICK here 

Prices started at just $25 per month

Area News and Events  

Calendar Girls Enewsletter

2019 Flier News Release Moisture Readerspankonin pizza ranch 2019 04 10 MRY GARAGE SALE FLYER 1

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2019 01 11 CCMT FLIER





April 13 - Al Kelley & Reilly Creek Band

April 27 - Rick Stephens & Friends


Details and auction inventory at www.gpsold.com

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 GP ops041119

GP nursery042819 GP pella042719

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