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Patriot Day - A Remembrance of 9-11

The newsletter today comes out on a poignant day and it's one I don't want anyone to forget. So I'm taking this time to remember...

Where were you at 8:45 am ET, September 11, 2011?

Were you going to work, in school, or having breakfast on that fateful day? As we as a country and a world remember 9/11 let’s not ever forget what happened. Many years have gone by since then, but I can’t help but get a chill and tear up as I remember that day.

No, I wasn’t at the Twin Towers, I didn’t live in New York, or know anyone at the Pentagon. I didn’t know anyone that died. But, to me, a mother with three small children it was a pivotal turning point in realizing the world would not be the same.

I’m sure it was the same feeling my parents had when they first heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The world and their lives were never the same.

Remembering 9-11
For me, it was a morning like every other. I was getting ready for work and paused to get on the computer and check my email. In the background, the TV was tuned to Good Morning America. I glanced at the TV just in time to catch breaking news right after the first plane hit. My heart stopped when I watched the second plane live and I felt as though I couldn’t breathe.

I went to work at Oxbow Pet Products and we huddled around a small TV we brought into the office. The phones were silent. No calls were coming in, no orders being placed. Nothing mattered. No one wanted to go home, we cried silently at what this meant as the towers fell.

Planes were grounded, and then news of the Pentagon. What was next? After lunch, we silently shut off the phones, closed the doors and went home to hug our families.

where wereyou 911

Since then the Strategic Air Museum in Ashland Nebraska has a program to recognize the day. In the past, they have placed 3000 flags as a memorial on the lawn. On each flag is the name of each person who died that day. As the sunlight streamed in from the east, I couldn’t help but think of that day and where I was, when the World Stopped Turning.

Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?
So where were you on that day? What do you not want to forget?

Banner Flag HalfStaff

Today, Governor Pete Ricketts announced that all U.S. and Nebraska flags are to be flown at half-staff on Patriot Day, which will be observed on September 11, 2019. Flags will be flown at half-staff from sunrise until sunset on Patriot Day.

Kids Painting Class

This Sunday, still room for a guaranteed spot, register HERE on Facebook. But if you are on the fence walk-ins will be taken.kidspaintclass


StPaulMethodistChurch Elmwood copy

St. Paul United Methodist Church

400 West G Street

Elmwood, NE  68349

Sunday School (Sept.-May)  9:30 a.m.

Worship Services 10:35 a.m.

During the weekdays, Son-Shine Child Care Center partners with the church for

daycare of 6-week-old infants to school-age children.

The daycare phone is 402-994-2384.

 The church is involved in the

Cass County Food Pantry,

The BackPack Program,

Joint Vacation Bible School and other community activities.

Pastor Michelle Chesnut

Cell Phone 402-314-7988  Church Phone: 402-994-6735

E-mail: stpaulelmwood@gmail.com

 Website:  elmwoodmurdockumc.com 


5K Fun Run/Walk Fundraiser

elmwood5K 09072019b

More than 40 adults and kids ran in the first Elmwood Rescue 5K run/walk. The park was a busy place as Fleet Feet also had a running event which started at 7:00 am. Between the two events the park was full of people, kids, and dogs.

elmwood5l 09072019


I thought. "This is exactly what a town park should be." I looked around and kids were playing on the playground. The cheerleaders were at the picnic shelter doing face painting and people were socializing and having fun.  

Elmwood Farmers Market & Junk in the Trunk

elmwood5K 09072019d

The Farmers Market had the best day of the year. Linda Blunt and her granddaughter brought tomatoes and "Monster cookies" for only $1.00

Rumor has it Gretchen and Randy Reinke also brought tomatoes and WATERMELON. Rumor has it they will be back this week with even more.


These are amazing watermelons, fresh with seeds, yes seeds, don't 'cha know they give watermelon the best flavor? Plus an added benefit of spitting seeds.  Kids don't know what they are missing with these seedless watermelons. 

I bought the largest one she had and it weighed 28 lbs!!

Do you like baking cinnamon rolls, cookies, or making crafts?

Do you have honey, eggs, or even make jelly, wine or seasoning dip mixes or soup mixes?

 It's FREE to set up a table. Just Show up and get your spot!. 

You don't need anything fancy. Heck, you don't even need a table. Just bring a chair to sit. 

We have regulars who show up every week. People are asking for tomatoes, sweet corn, and other produce. 

Recipe Bannere

 Peach Bars

Did you buy peaches from the Lions Club? I bought two lugs so I've been busy the past couple of weeks.

I made a couple of peach pies, two batches of peach jam, peach cake, and sliced and made peaches and cream for my Mother in Law twice. The rest I sliced and put in the freezer for future peach pies and cobbler.


Peach Bars


2 cups sliced peaches

1/2 cup sugar

2 TBSP cornstarch

1 TBSP lemon juice 1/4 C water


1 Cup butter softened

1 1/2 Cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

4 eggs room temperature

3 cups flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt 


1 1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 tsp vanilla 1-2 TBSP milk


Grease a 9x13 pan

Whisk cornstarch and sugar in a saucepan. Toss peaches in lemon juice and add to saucepan. Cook until bubbly and thickens. Set aside to cool.

Cream butter and sugar. Beat in eggs and vanilla.

Whisk flour, salt, and baking powder. Add dry to wet. Reserve back 1/3 of the mixture. Pour the remainder in greased pan. Add peaches on the batter, spread to edge. Dollop rest of batter. Bake at 350F for 35 minutes. 

If you have a favorite recipe please send a photo and the recipe to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com 

Stop by the Farmers Market 



 Harvest Moon Hustle

10K Race on the Mopac Trail

If you see an abundance of cars and runners this Friday night it's because over 1,200 runners will be coming through Elmwood On Friday, September 13th. The runners begin gathering race at the Elmwood park about 5:00 and the race starts at 7:00 pm.

The after-party is at the Elmwood Firehall beginning at 7:30. Be courteous to our visitors. Why? Because if we put our best foot forward they just might come back and visit. They might stay in our local AirBnBs, visit the Bess Street Aldrich House, shop at Bits N Pieces or Iron Horse Emporium, eat lunch at the Quonset and get ice cream at the Elmwood C Store. 

Elmwood is a great "day-trip" for people in Omaha and Lincoln. 

Elmwood Bess Streeter Aldrich Park News

Did you notice the dirt work this week? It's the next phase of the park renovations. Phase one was the new playground and just how fantastic is that?!


This next phase is the addition of a large gazebo on the south side of the lawn area. This will give us an opportunity for events, music, arts, a gathering place for people to sit, read, meet and enjoy the outside. 

Conversations this past weekend from people were excited about the possibilities to come and excitement for the future. 

Do you want to be part of the planning of that future? A park committee is being formed which will meet on a regular basis each month. Ideas such as...

Movies in the park

Arts in the park

Music in the park

Food truck events

Horseshoe competitions 

Fundraising for additional features

Attract outside special events to draw visitors to Elmwood

We need people with all kinds of talent. If you love Elmwood, love the park, want to be involved or even wish to have your voice and ideas heard email me at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com 


Elmwood Village Board News

The Village Board is considering going to one trash pickup for Elmwood and would like to get your input. 

PLEASE Take the survey https://surveyhero.com/c/4f58e719 and let them know your thoughts.

2019 Clean up day Notice page 001


Story Time Promo elmwood library

 Here are just a few of the new books recently granted to the Elmwood Public Library. We hope you find something that will tempt you!

elmwood library book Chester gus.jpg


“Chester and Gus” by Cammie McGovern

Chester hopes to follow in his mother’s paw prints and become a service dog. But when Chester fails his certification because he’s afraid of loud noises, he worries his dream will never come true! When a family adopts him to be a companion for their autistic son, Gus, it’s not exactly the future Chester had in mind, but he will do whatever he can to prove he’s the right dog for the job!

“The Girl Who Drank the Moon” by Kelly Barnhill

Newberry Award Winner! Every year the people of Protectorate leave a baby as an offering to the witch who lives in the forest and whom they think is evil. But, the witch is kind. She rescues the children and delivers them to welcoming families on the other side of the forest. One year, the witch accidentally feeds a baby moonlight instead of starlight during their journey and the child becomes filled with extraordinary magic. As her powers start to emerge, the child faces dangerous consequences.

“Aaron and Alexander” by Don Brown

Both were orphaned at a young age. Both became successful lawyers. Both fought in the Revolutionary War. But politics put these Founding Fathers in constant conflict. A story of passion, patriotism, and pride that ends in the most famous duel in American History!

Be sure to check them out!

ElmwoodlibrarycardSpread the word about the Elmwood Public Library!

Visit the Overdrive website for more information on checking out electronic books and media. 

Library hours

Monday 3- 8pm

Tuesday 2-6pm

Wednesday 2 pm -6 pm

Thursday 10 am - 2 pm

Saturday 10 am - 2 pm   

EMKnights Banner  

Girls Youth BB Fall Camp Form

4th Annual Elmwood Murdock Back Pack Craft Fair

Saturday, November 30, 219 

9:00 am-3:00 pm

Looking for crafters and artisans. Tables start at only $ 40.00 

Screen Shot 2019 09 04 at 1.06.20 PM

Screen Shot 2019 09 04 at 1.05.49 PMScreen Shot 2019 09 04 at 1.05.39 PM


Don't miss any school events with the Elmwood-Murdock Schools App.

Download it for Android or Apple.

EMSchool APP Android

EMSchool App Apple

You can even follow them on Twitter at EMKnightsSchool 



EMSchoolWebsite 2018

There is a wealth of information on the new Elmwood-Murdock website. It is updated on a daily basis by various teachers and department heads.    

Check out the calendar on the Elmwood Website  

ElmwoodNE Community Center

Summertime Card Party after lunch on Monday, September 16th. 
Come for lunch and stay to play 6 games of Pinochle!
FLU SHOT CLINIC on Thursday, September 19th, at 11 a.m.
Foot Care Clinic on Wednesday morning, September 25th.
MOVIE MATINEE after lunch on Thursday, September 26th.  Watch the popular movie:  'POMS'.

RENT the Community Center

Having a baby shower, family reunion or large family dinner?

You can have your party and STILL keep your house clean.

Only $75.00 for four to 6 hours.

Call 402-994-2145 for more details and to set your date. 

 Morning Coffee Bar 8:00 am

Coffee, Tea, Milk

(Milk available, please ask the cook)
Free will offering - suggested $1.00 

Noon Meals (Eat in or Take-out) $5.00

 Please call by 9:30 am to reserve


 Yoga in the Park 

Saturday mornings 8 am - 9 am

Monday and Wednesday Evening 

Cost is $5/person

Join us for Yoga in the Park at the Elmwood Park on Saturday mornings, brought to you by Dyan Lynn Bacon, from Murdock and the owner of The Zen Room.  It keeps growing each week and there is even discussion of adding another day based on the increased response. 

66325439 2356561397919475 6714827908667408384 o

We will count those that mark the event as “going” (click here) as registered. The final count will be checked 24 hours prior to the event. If there are fewer than 4 people marked as going, the event will be canceled for that Saturday morning.

If the events continue to be successful, we will plan to do Yoga in the Park into the Fall and possibly, pending a location, into Winter.

Bring a friend, a yoga mat (or towel) and a water bottle and come to relax during an hour of yoga!

**This is an all-level event, beginners are not only welcome - they are ENCOURAGED!! See you on the mat!!

 Bess Streeter Aldrich House Banner

Bess Streeter Aldrich House & Museum

 New 1950's Exhibit is currently available for viewing at the Bess Streeter Aldrich House and Museum

Wed, Thurs, Sat, & Sundays 

1:00 - 4:00 pm

Also available for scheduled tours. 

Genealogy Workshop

Elmwood Community Calendar

 (click here or on the banner above to find the monthly calendar for the month) 

When your group or club meets for an event, take some photos and send them to me with a summary of what was happening and I'll post them here in the Elmwood Newsletter. 

Readers want to see involvement in and around our village.  It not only helps to promote our town, but it could create interest in joining your group.

Youth groups and other civic groups do litter pick-up, sponsor Easter egg hunts, collect food for those less fortunate and meet for crafting, among lots of other events. 

Be sure to check the calendar to the right for upcoming events, also.

Send your updates, announcements, and photos of the events, at editor@elmwoodnebraska.com  

Elmwood #LittleFreePantry

The Little Free Pantry is located between Hufstader Chiropractor, the Elmwood Meat Market, and the Village Hall. 

Elmwood FoodPantry

image002 2

Don't forget to send me your news 

There are things happening. Who is in the news, who is making the news? This is what I need for the upcoming year

SEND NEWS and PHOTOS to editor@elmwoodnebraska.com 


We are currently serving hard ice cream in dishes.
we have 8 different flavors to choose from.

Elmwood C Store

ECS banner1

Area News   

Farm Ambitions Flyer 2019

OMM ENewsletter 20190824 lg 12019 09 21 Plattsmouth Elect. Event page 0012019 Household Haz Waste Collection page 001

2019 01 11 CCMT FLIER

Cornhusker Country Music Theater!

We now have a DANCE FLOOR right in front of the stage!
Put on your dancing shoes and come on over for a good time! If you don't want to dance, you can still enjoy live music!

Upcoming Events:

*Sunday, Sept. 15 - 2:00 p.m. with Shadow Ridge Band

Saturday, Sept. 28 - Fred Larson & Friends


SKM C36819073015251 


GP imp091419

   GP pella091819



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